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Access to Joint Base San Antonio Commissary and Base Exchanges and

Other Military Bases

Here is the link regarding Veteran Installation access.  The access will be granted to the Veteran only unless a caregiver meets eligibility.  If the Veteran is married and wants to gain access for their spouse, the Veteran must go into the visitor control center on each visit for a one day access for spouse/dependents.


The visitor control center will run a background check on the Veteran and if the Veteran is in violation they could or will be detained.  If the Veteran was convicted of a drug offense, they will be barred for 10 years, if convicted for a sex offense then banned for life.  Outstanding warrants, the Veteran could or will be detained on the spot.


Link for Veteran Access.


Lee Rivas, MSA


VFW Post 12171 in memory of MSG Roy P. Benavidez, MOH Recipient and 

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