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                       Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary

                                   District 20 Meeting Agenda for 2021-2022

                                                      “One Team One Fight”


Date                                 Type of Meeting                                 Post                 Day/Time


September 11, 2021   Auxiliary District 20 Meeting             7108                Saturday @ 10 am

Blue Uniform - DONE


October 29, 2021        Urban Cowboys Night                         9186                Friday @ 7pm

Tentative Members Approval / Best Dressed Urban Cowboy/Dolly


November 06, 2021    District Joint Meeting                         2059                Saturday @9 am 

Red Shirts/Casual Attire


February 5,  2022       Auxiliary District 20 Meeting              8397              Saturday@9 am

Blue Uniform


February 11, 2022      Disco Night                                              9186                Friday @ 7pm

Tentative Members Approval  / Best Costume


May 12-15, 2022        District 20 Convention                          TBA                


It is important that Auxiliary Presidents attend these meetings, if for any reason you cannot attend the District meeting, please assign your next in Command to attend and represent your Auxiliary Post. If you need to call me for any assistance, please contact me at (210) 788-7996.  Thank you, Madam President, Helen Lara.                         

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