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10 Tenth Street, San Antonio, Texas  78215

Phone:  210-223-4581

2nd Tuesday @ 7pm

Dues:  $35.00

Chartered : 6/26/1917

Email: Post76@sbcglobal.net

Website: www.vfwpost76ontheriverwalk.org

Commander: John Ornelaz                  

H:) 210-884-1498

Email: ornelaz.john@yahoo.com

Sr Vice Cmdr:  Ignacio H Castilleja       

H:) 210-980-2609

Email: rcastilleja.ignacio@aol.com

Jr Vice Cmdr: Ruben Cadena

H:) 210-400-6639

Email: cadena.ruben1948@gmail.com

Quartermaster: Lawrence F Werline

H:) 210-449-9252

Email: iw0204@yahoo.com

Adjutant: Janet T Botello      

C:) 210-391-6705

Email: arteporvida@sbcglobal.net

Service Officer: John A Deleon

C:) 210-736-2388

Chaplain: Richard Cortez

C:) 830-772-4707

Canteen Calendar:

What is happening at VFW Post 76

Contact VFW Post 76 for information and reservations by calling (210) 223-4581